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Women in the Danish tech industry: Meet our new panel

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Women have been taking the tech industry in Denmark by storm, especially in the red-hot startup scene. This Sunday is International Women’s Day. On that occasion Towards no. 1 has reached out to leading women in tech to share their perspectives on the Danish tech industry, which we will share in the next couple of days

Women in the Danish tech industry: Meet our new panel

We asked them how and why they joined the growing tech industry in Denmark, how they think Denmark can attract more female tech talent, based on their experience from the frontlines of tech, and why gender diversity is necessary – if at all?

But first of all? Who are they? Today you can meet our panel below and dive into their perspectives on the Danish tech industry in the coming days.

Anne Kristine Schwartzbach, CEO and Founder, Konfront

“I have developed virtual reality for professionals to help people with mental challenges. The digital tool is a platform that brings together psychological teaching processes, for example, regarding anxiety, anger management, low self-esteem and stress.”

Sara Roy-Bonde, CEO & Co-Founder, miheroo

“I am the CEO of miheroo, an online platform that connects expatriates and helpers, including domestic and other services, safely and conveniently.”

“For expatriates and their families, we offer higher safety when they land in a new location and have to settle down again. For the helpers, we offer better documentation through our UN-compliant agreement templates and payment slips. For the expatriates’ companies, we offer a way to improve their employer brand by providing safety for their employees.”

Louise Ferslev, CEO and Founder, MyMonii

“I’m the founder and CEO of MyMonii, a Danish fintech company whose primary purpose is to teach children and young people about the value of money in a cashless society.”

“Children between the ages of 8-18 may never meet cash, they simply see a plastic card, and then they can use the card until it says stop. There’s not much learning in it. With the MyMonii app, we give kids an overview app where they can keep track of what they have available, how they have saved up, made money and spent money.”

Marianne Haahr, Executive Director,Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance

“I work on green digital finance, neither green finance nor fintech but where the two intersect.”

“I was working on sustainable innovation and was travelling the world to find new ways to solve grand challenges, but was getting discouraged as the same ideas were everywhere no matter where I went in the world. Until one day, I met a group of people working on DLT (distributed ledger technology) and suddenly entirely new avenues to create sustainable change started to emerge.”

Pia Lauritzen, Chief Methodologist & Founder,

“I’m Chief Methodologist & Founder of Qvest, a new type of survey where participants ask each other questions. As a strategy consultant, I always struggled with the so-called execution gap, preventing companies from translating their strategies into action. I needed a tool that could map employees’ knowledge about what works in practice and at the same time, create buy-in.”

“From my philosophical research, I know that when people ask questions, they are both open to new knowledge and willingness to act on that knowledge. This is exactly what you need when you depend on other people to execute a new strategy. Therefore, Qvest is designed to let the right people ask each other questions about the right topics.”

Klaudia Flakiewicz, CEO,

“I’m working on an AI engine that will enable entrepreneurs to focus on what they love doing, by getting algorithms to do the work that highly overpaid specialists do today (bookkeepers, accountants, analysts). I see tedious admin tasks as entry barriers to starting a business, which again, I can use the passion for tech and skills in finance in solving the problem that EY values at 25-27 billion Euros yearly (EY, Business Case for Nordic Smart Government).”

Sofie Blakstad, CEO and Founder, Hiveonline “I now run a Fintech company building financial inclusion software using some cutting-edge technology like blockchain. We’re helping some of the most excluded entrepreneurs – rural women in sub-Saharan Africa – get access to finance and markets, using our technology to build digital history without the need for a bank account. Most of the customers we’re supporting have no access to formal financial services, so it’s a huge opportunity to transform lives.”

Ritu Jain, COO & Co-founder, LifeX

“I am COO and co-founder of LifeX, a technology and design based co-living solution, started in Copenhagen with a mission to help people feel at home, anywhere in the world.”

Lisa Dalsgaard, Founder of

“Today, I have a tech startup called, and some will call it a scale-up. We help companies build personal customer experiences that improve sales and service. So, we have created a platform where they can pack relevant content into a link that automatically will be sent to the guests/customers before arrival. In this way, they can make sure that the customers have all the relevant info that is needed.”

“I am proud to be working with a lot of really cool brands and good people, and proud to have bootstrapped a company this far. Today we have 10 employees and are ready to scale up on an even higher level, and soon we will be looking for business angles with access to the travel market, and VCs who want to be a part of our international journey.”

Marie Lommer Bagger, CEO and Founder, Measurelet

“We are working on creating products to measure the fluid balance, both input and output. We are still working on developing the toilet and have recently applied for a patent. Still, we are also developing other products that can help make the procedure easier and more accurate for both patients and healthcare professionals.”

“In addition, we are observing the present development in the health care system, with more and more patients being treated and observed in their own homes, for the benefit of both patients and the health care system. Here our products can make a difference.”

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