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Sara del Rosario, Spain

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For Sara del Rosario from Spain, the need to go to Denmark to study and work was obvious. She describes the Danish tech scene as a must for anybody in Europe who dreams of a career within digital innovation and praises the well-funded Danish tech ecosystem.


Sara del Rosario

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Technical Support Engineer

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Updated 16.04.2021
Sara del Rosario, Spain

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering for Telecommunications from Spain, and at the moment, I am finishing a MSc in Business Administration and E-Business at Copenhagen Business School.”

“In Denmark, European students have the possibility of earning a state educational grant (SU) with the condition of working a certain number of hours per week. Ever since I moved here, I have been working in student positions in the tech industry, partly to meet the requirements to earn the educational grant, but primarily because there are so many great job opportunities for students. During my final year of studies at CBS, I started looking for career opportunities offering new challenges and high growth potential; at that time, Siteimprove had an open student position as a Technical Support Assistant, and their culture really appealed to me, so I applied. One year after joining the team, I have now started a full-time position as a Technical Support Engineer and I couldn't be happier.”

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“Moving to Denmark to do my master’s degree was kind of a no-brainer. I started looking for a master’s abroad and found the programme at Copenhagen Business School to be a perfect fit, as it combined the two fields I was interested in. On top of that, European students study for free in Denmark and also have the opportunity to earn a state educational grant (SU) while entering the work market. Because of the fact that Denmark is known as a digital frontrunner for its proactive support towards tech ecosystems, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to go to Denmark.”

Like working in a big family

“One of the things that surprised me the most about Denmark was its management culture: I was used to the west European management style, where there is clear hierarchy. Working in a Danish company is a quite different story—hierarchies are less pronounced and "bosses" are more approachable. Another thing that surprised me is the importance of work-life balance. The Danish work-life balance is impressive, and employers truly respect the 37-hour work-week together with a strong social culture in the workplace.”

“Working at Siteimprove is like working in a big family, where we support each other and celebrate achievements together. I love the investment Siteimprove makes in each employee to help them grow and succeed.”

“Within our team, we have a "breakfast schedule" where every Friday a different person brings breakfast, and we eat and chat as a family. We also have a Cheers to Peers initiative, where we have the chance to send co-workers some well-deserved appreciation.”

Denmark is a must for everyone in the tech field

“I believe that Denmark is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and technological leaders in Europe and there is an amazing startup scene here.”

“The plan for me is definitely to stay in Denmark for a long period of time. The work-life balance you find here is hard to find anywhere else. Plus, Denmark is a must for everyone in the tech field. I would recommend it for anyone looking to embark on an adventure full of skilled people, exciting projects, and innovation”.

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