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RIG21 introduces a new era of virtual production and future of storytelling

Christian Faber is the Creative Director and Founder of the virtual production studio RIG21. In this story, you will learn how RIG21 builds bridges between real-time technologies, creativity and storytelling in order to make positive sustainable change across industries, education and cultural platforms.



Updated 29.01.2021

RIG21 is part of the createch ecosystem and member of Vision Denmark.

"In essence, we are a tech company that builds stories through real-time technology. As a relatively new startup we still strive to find new ways to produce content in more sustainable ways and still have a lot of creativity."

"Our IP Rebel Nature is a near future story universe taking place in the 2040ies with direct relevance to the current situation on planet earth, inspired by the SDG’s. With Rebel Nature, we create a global and collective story born from urgency, fuelled by science and aiming for empathy and creativity. One might say that RIG21 is the workshop, whereas Rebel Nature is the dream."

RIG21 in FilmGEAR studio. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby.

The UN global goals are the best tasks I've ever gotten in my entire life

"Virtual content production is becoming accessible to the world, and we want to take full advantage of the flexibility and creative freedom that comes with this new technology. We are just now starting to see what it can actually do with it. We can broaden our mind in virtual production in a much more sustainable way which will have a positive meaning for the future. In that matter, the UN global goals are the best tasks I've ever gotten in my entire life."

"In RIG21, we have production methods for making images which are creatively free and more sustainable than ever before. Our democratic values and sustainable innovation have to be part of the future stories and positive change on planet earth. And that is exactly what we aim to do with Rebel Nature."

Christian Faber, Creative director & founder of RIG21. Photo taken in FilmGEAR studio by Sebastian Stigsby.

Using storytelling as the engine of technological progress

"It is not the technology itself that is the master. It is the actual story we need to focus on. If you look at film studios around the world – the really successful ones – they all have cool technologies, but they also have a story they want to tell. Imagine Pixar without Toy Story. Imagine Disney without Mickey Mouse. And imagine Lucasfilm without Star Wars. There has to be a story that you want to bring alive. And that is how you apply the technology in the right way. You're not using the technology for its own sake but the story. And I think it is the perfect time to start shaping stories that fit these tools and mediums."

Christian Faber, Creative director & founder of RIG21. Photo taken in FilmGEAR studio by Sebastian Stigsby.

Connectivity is essential for the Danish creative tech industry

"Denmark is a small country. That means that everybody is close to each other and only a phone call away if you're serious about your projects. The connectivity between creative people makes Denmark a great place to do business as a CreaTech startup. Trust is at the core of the relations, so if you are not an entrepreneur in Denmark, then where would it be?"

"Our creative science is something we can export in Denmark because it requires safety, collaboration and unity. And with these new smart virtual production methods which can change a whole line of industries, education and cultural platforms, I do believe Denmark has to be at the forefront of this new wave."

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