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Richa Hallundbæk Misri, India

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Richa Hallundbæk Misri is a seasoned marketer & business consultant, and investor in robotics companies that align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Through REInvest Robotics, a company Richa co-founded, she is fortunate to share her skills with companies of all sizes, whether it's startups, mid-sized companies, or large organisations. Richa is also one of the faces behind Lifeline Robotics, a startup that contributes to the fight against COVID-19


Richa Hallundbæk Misri

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Robotics and Automation Advisor

@REInvest Robotics
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Updated 16.04.2021
Richa Hallundbæk Misri, India

Succeeding in Denmark requires an understanding of the strengths of the local work culture

"Ever since I moved here, I've appreciated Denmark's work culture and entrepreneurial scene. So much so, I came up with the acronym "CODE" (i.e., collaborative, open, deep knowledge, efficiency). By this, I mean it's essential to strike a balance between being autonomous and collaborative. Within the robotics cluster, even though we're competitors, we collaborate because we all recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

"Danish people are open, transparent, and don't hold anything back. It is an integral part of the culture to be open, building trust. Of course, this echoes in open-source software, open-source products, and a platform mind-set. Companies often create something that other companies in the ecosystem can build on. For example, a robot arm can become a platform for accessories and end effectors. Tied to this, Denmark is a small country but a prominent exporter of knowledge. You will find many professionals who have a deep knowledge of their subject across the ecosystem."

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"Part of what enables the Danes to maintain a work-life balance is their efficiency. Vendors and partners expect to demonstrate efficiency during every working minute, and companies execute on developing high-quality products renowned globally. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to establish Lifeline Robotics in record time and developed the world's first automatic throat swab robot, Careebo LLR S1. Leveraging the collective strengths and insights of the robotics ecosystem, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark (SDSI), and the local Hospital (OUH), we brought the right people with the right knowledge together at the right time."

To make the most of Denmark, you need to immerse yourself in the culture of collaboration.

"I often tell entrepreneurs who are new to Denmark to immerse themselves in the culture of collaboration. Rather than assume that opportunities will fall onto your plate, it helps to take the initiative to reach out to the right people with the right ideas."

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