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New platform to help start-ups affected by Corona crisis

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Prominent Danish businesswoman Stine Bosse has been appointed chair of Tech Nordic Advocates just as it launches a platform to gather information and guide startups through the corona crisis.

New platform to help start-ups affected by Corona crisis

While several countries around the world are now slowly moving towards a careful reopening, companies across many parts of the economy are still gasping for air, and they are likely to continue to be struggling to breathe for a long while.

The corona crisis has led to the fastest and biggest drop in economic activity in a lifetime – which is particularly damaging to small, newly started businesses without sufficient cash reserves to make it through a sustained crisis with no revenues coming in.

Launching a new platform to help Nordic startups affected by the Corona crisis

This has led the entrepreneurs’ network Tech Nordic Advocates to launch a new platform aimed at helping start-ups across the Nordic region to navigate their way out of the corona crisis.

The project, “Startup Ecosystem Covid-19 Resource Hub”, is a collaboration with the Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden). Tech Nordic Advocates has also appointed Stine Bosse, who is well known from a number of business roles, including as CEO of Danish insurer Tryg, as chairwoman of its board.

“This initiative is uniquely important. This is a crisis of a magnitude that we never even imagined. It feels like being in a badly casted B movie. But in crises like these we reach out to each other as humans, and this initiative packs a good punch,” Stine Bosse says.

The new platform focuses on offering information and advice for businesses, drawing on a network of more than 12,000 members through the wider Global Tech Advocates.

The many participants in the network include business angels and professionals across a wide spectre of competencies. Several experts are offering free advice on a regular basis.

Chat and training

The platform also offers a chat function to use for urgent requests for help and a number of webinars and other forms of training and information.

This initiative is far from the only one of its kind. Early on in the crisis many small businesses across different sectors started joining up in networks or catalogues offering their special services to tackle the crisis.

These are networks such as Edtech Danmark, a trade organisation representing firms that offer software for education and learning; the grassroots projects Coronatech where technology professionals offer their help in solving specific challenges; or Health Tech Hub Copenhagen which has helped find a number of technologies to deal with urgent challenges.

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