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New Magazine: Green Impact Technologies

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How Danish businesses are using emerging technologies to drive green transition?

New Magazine: Green Impact Technologies

Green Impact Technologies

A green economy is increasingly accepted as a key driver in tackling climate change, sustainable growth, poverty, pollution, health issues, and other critical challenges in order to improve life on this planet and for its people. To some, this may seem like a bold statement, but as we will see, mindsets are shifting, policies are being rethought, investments are being redirected and innovation is flourishing. The magazine is a testament to just that.

The magazine dives into how Danish businesses apply emerging technologies to drive green transition. You will be introduced to the frontrunners in the Danish GreenTech space and the barriers they are facing as startups when it comes to funding and international collaborators.

Explore the magazine and ask yourself how we as a community can best solve these issues, develop the talent, attract the funding, and make companies realise their full potential.

Read the magazine here.

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