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Global Digital Talent Work Happiness Index

How happy are you with the following elements of your current job? (100 = very happy)

According to the Digital Talent Global Work Happiness Index, digital talents experience the highest levels of work happiness in the USA, Australia and Denmark(1).

Looking deeper into the study we find digital talents indicating the crucial importance of work-life balance, an organisational purpose, potential for personal impact, and a creative and innovative work environment as some of the main reasons for enjoying their work-life. Amongst these top components of job satisfaction, my organisation’s purpose and personal impact are unique to Denmark.

Further research suggests that digital talents in Denmark score their organisation’s purpose so highly because their solutions are often highly valued when implemented in public and private organisations. Summing up; it is highly satisfying to experience your work being put to good use. When it comes to personal impact, many associate this with their individual contribution to the final product. Here, being a part of an informal work hierarchy

in the workplace, taking on more responsibility and better understanding the task at hand, all play a considerable role and add to their happiness with personal impact. Other benefits that most often come with a job on the Danish tech scene include ample paid vacation, parental leave, health insurance and pension savings. Interestingly there are differences between younger and older tech employees. Young talents (under 40) emphasise that the social environment and learning and career development opportunities, and not least, my organisation’s environmental efforts, are of great importance, and affect their search for job opportunities.

For businesses developing green impact technologies this opens up the potential to make this a clear and prominent part of their value proposition to potential employees.


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