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FLEEKI brings the beauty community together on an online platform

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Olivia Linder Tabel is CEO and Founder of the beautytech startup FLEEKI. Having multiple years of experience from the cosmetic industry and an advanced degree in Computer Science, her hybrid background made it possible for her to introduce new innovative technologies into the cosmetics industry. In FLEEKI Olivia is joined by two co-founders, Kimberly Thorpe based in NYC and Mathias Roikjær based in Copenhagen.

FLEEKI brings the beauty community together on an online platform



Olivia Linder Tabel



Updated 01.02.2021

There's a massive absence of coherence in the beauty world

“Most beauty consumers don’t only go online to do their cosmetics shopping. Often, they see beauty products or makeup-looks that they like, but they have no idea how to use them or if the look would even suit them. They want to discover. They want to be inspired. And they want to learn. During my time working in the cosmetic industry, both in stores and in development teams I realised that there was a massive lack of coherence in this aspect of the beauty industry, and I decided while finishing my Master’s in Computer Science to develop something digital that could bridge this gap.”

“I knew it had to be both visual, social and something that could bring knowledge and inspiration to the individual beauty consumer intuitively. Today, FLEEKI’s agenda is to make our users feel confident in themselves, so they can explore and enjoy more of this visual and social beauty-discovery engine. It's like having your own personal makeup artist and all your best makeup friends in your pocket.”

Olivia Linder Tabel, CEO & founder of FLEEKI. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby.

What we do today could not have been done five years ago because the technology just wasn't there yet

“Beautytech is still not as established as many other tech industries such as fintech or edtech. It is an industry that is not quite as accounted for in the tech space because people don’t realise how many possibilities there are. The emerging technology we have today has the power to create personalised experiences and answer the beauty consumers’ needs. By introducing technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics into an industry that in many ways hasn't kept up, FLEEKI is empowering the individual beauty consumer.”

“Besides look break-downs, product mapping extraordinaire and curated social groups, one of our main features is the “my makeup collection” where you can take a snap or inform FLEEKI of the beauty products you own. The platform then understands what you have and calculates what can you do with these specific products, and it lets the user explore with tutorials, reviews, and so much more. Because everything is based on feedback, the platform can create a personalised experience and give targeted advice to the individual user – all thanks to cloud computing and big data.”

“We are creating a democratised experience where transparency and scoring are on the users' own terms. The platform allows several aspects of the entire shopping experience – or ritual as we like to call it – to be social in a completely digital space. Everything from collecting, discovering and being inspired to understanding and reviewing the products. Because we embrace the new innovative technologies, it has been possible for us to grasp the entirety of this ritual which we couldn't have done five years ago.”

Olivia Linder Tabel, CEO & Founder and Mathias Roikjær, CTO & Co-Founder of FLEEKI. Photo by Sebastian Stigsby.

Denmark is like a hidden gem of tech, talents and digital infrastructure

“In Denmark, we have this great digital infrastructure, but we are also privileged with a solid support network in society in general. There are so many hubs, startups, accelerators and mentor programs that cater to the entrepreneurial spirit which also pushed me when founding FLEEKI.”

“Most importantly we have this amazing pool of tech talents. When people say tech, they typically think Silicon Valley but the fact is that we have a bunch of talented tech people that are highly educated, extremely hungry for knowledge and who have experience from very well established companies – all eager to enter the global tech market right here in the Nordics.”

“Another thing that is unique about Denmark, and Scandinavian countries in general, are the company cultures. FLEEKI is very Scandinavian in its core meaning that we are extremely open and have a flat culture where there’s room for so many diverse points of views and cross-functional understandings. This kind of culture is important for us to hold on to when expanding to other markets.”

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