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Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow

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With the vision of improving the cities we live in, Cogo is aiming to make shared mobility more accessible and transparent to everyone. Their solution gathers all shared scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds in one app that currently includes over 200 mobility operators in 500 cities worldwide. In this piece, co-founder Robin Eriksson shares Cogo’s journey in becoming the leading mobility aggregator in Europe.

Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow



Robin Eriksson, Bibi Blomqvist & Martin Røssell

Number of employees






Updated 05.12.2021

I realised that I had over 10 different apps to get around in Copenhagen

“Around 2017 I noticed the increased popularity of shared mobility. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I wanted to be part of it as I could see shared mobility as a feasible solution to the problems that traffic, and mainly gasoline cars, are causing today. I thought long and hard on how I could bring value into the industry, when I realised that I was using over 10 different mobility apps to move around in Copenhagen. This was a very broken experience for me, and I couldn’t find an app that gathered all shared rides into one. No one had solved this problem yet, so I started working on it and eventually I launched Cogo together with my two co-founders Bibi Blomqvist and Martin Røssell.”

“Our solution gathers all shared rides in one app. We include electric scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds from 200 operators in 500 cities worldwide. We only include manual or electric vehicles to improve the air quality in our cities. Our vision with Cogo is to create a platform where you get access to all shared rides to make it easy and seamless to move around in the city and at the same time get more people to use more sustainable mobility solutions.”

We help users move around the green way with proven scalable technology

“Cogo is the only environment friendly rideshare aggregator offering a full overview of shared rides from 200 mobility operators in 500 cities worldwide. We’re proud to have launched the world’s most comprehensive price comparison tool for shared mobility to empower users by allowing them to estimate and compare price and travel time from all operators and vehicle types, in one simple app.”

“Tech-wise, we have built a solution that is based on proven scalable technologies. The app has been developed with a mobile application framework that supports both iOS and Android-users. The backend is hosted on the popular and efficient mobile application platform Google Firebase and utilizes the serverless capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform, which makes our platform highly scalable with minimal effort. The technology makes Cogo reliable and unbiased and it shows all available shared rides in real-time.”

Building a healthy business with a meaningful purpose can also be a challenge

“One of the biggest challenges that we have had was when the mobility industry dropped +60% during the global pandemic. So when we launched in the summer of 2020 there was very limited travel and movement in our cities. However, it gave us some time to refine and improve the product before we started increasing marketing spend and awareness about Cogo.”

“On the positive side, I consider myself lucky to have started a company with people I respect and look up to. Also, nothing beats the feeling of launching a product with a vision in mind and then actually seeing users using it and appreciating the solution by coming back over and over again.”

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