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Candice Paul, Trinidad and Tobago

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After studying and working in the technical writing field in France, Candice moved to Odense to apply her expertise to the tech scene here. Working within the Danish robotics field has been an empowering experience, with a focus on cooperation and communication. Today, Candice is a Senior Technical Writer for Universal Robots and is focused on bringing collaboration and cost-effective robotic solutions to the production industry.


Candice Paul

Country of Origin

Trinidad and Tobago


Senior Technical Writer

@Universal Robots
Years in Tech


Updated 27.04.2021
Candice Paul, Trinidad and Tobago

“I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago but moved to France in 2009 to pursue higher education. Whilst I was there, I specialised in Information Design and Multilingual Technical Writing through my university studies and put theory into practice through working at Michelin and Optis SAS. Working in this field offers flexible opportunities to learn about, and work with, different kinds of products - from very simple to quite complex. As a technical writer, you can work for any kind of company or business. So after meeting a Dane in 2016, I decided to move to Odense to explore the scene here.”

There is so much happening in the Danish tech scene right now – especially in robotics

“It really feels like our work at Universal Robots and the robotics industry at large are at the forefront of the technological development in Denmark. There’s so much going on with the tech scene here, which I think will have a massive impact on Denmark’s future both socially and economically. Our solutions are aimed at making automation easier in small to mid-sized companies and increasing productivity in the manufacturing industry.

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As part of my role, I spend most of my time working with developers and engineers to learn about new features and products. Overall my goal is to make complex ideas and concepts, easier and more digestible for those who use Universal Robots robots. I have good working relationships with my Danish colleagues. Even when personalities differ, there is always a sense of cooperation to resolve the challenge at hand. This focus on cooperation feels like a very Danish approach to work”

Working at Universal Robots, there is very little emphasis on hierarchies and positions

“Working at Universal Robots has really been a positive experience. There is little or no emphasis on hierarchy and positions, which means communication is facilitated at all levels. Our core focus is on cooperation in our production of collaborative robots, or ‘Cobots’ as we call them.

The internal culture is very much focussed on empowerment, with hard work being recognised and rewarded. The channels of communication flow both ways, with employees always being encouraged to bring questions and concerns to the table. Despite working remotely as a result of COVID-19, we’ve been able to celebrate achievements virtually and maintain the level of team morale.”

You can see your tax dollars at work in the well-functioning social system

“A huge advantage of living here is the level of security you feel. There is very little crime or public violence, and you can see how the taxes you pay directly support the well-functioning social system. Odense is a great little city and I've settled nicely here.

My advice to newcomers would be to really learn about Danish society and what makes it different from your own. People are very polite and nice, but that doesn’t mean they want to be in any kind of relationship. You have to find your own crowd through local sports or social events. If you’re coming from sunnier climates, make sure you love being inside your apartment and embrace the ‘hygge’ culture. Basically, do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel at home”

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