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Audinga Feiferé, Lithuania

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When you are ambitious, you are constantly looking for new challenges. Such a person is Audinga Feiferé who moved to Denmark to find a job in one of the top technology companies in one of the most digitized countries in the world. 12 years later, Denmark is still offering new opportunities and challenges exciting enough to make Audinga stay.


Audinga Feiferé

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Customer Success Manager

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Updated 25.04.2021
Audinga Feiferé, Lithuania

“When I was a kid I used to travel with my mother’s theatre studio and since then I have wanted to live abroad. I was lucky as a child to have everything I wanted in Lithuania and it made me search for new challenges. My sister came to Denmark to study. She knew I was not keen on Lithuanian educational systems because it teaches people to memorize and not analyze. The Danish education system promotes freedom of thought and that was exactly what I was looking for.”

“Technology wasn’t my interest until it suddenly was. Life events pushed me in the direction I should be going in my quest for new experiences. I was always interested in fashion, and I was hoping to work in the fashion industry at some point in life but I decided to keep it as my passion and not as a job. I studied international sales and marketing, and when I started researching future job trends, everything related to technology was on top of the list. I had ambition so I wanted to work in one of the absolute best technology companies in its area, one that I would be proud of representing. I was hired by the software company Scanmarket. I did so well that I was offered to build my own team and become Global Team Leader of the Business Development team. I loved working with people and having my own team. Not long after I was approached by AeroGuest.”

AeroGuest is a different ball game

“AeroGuest offered me a slightly different role as Customer Success Manager. I took the challenge, and I absolutely love it. My days at work are rather unpredictable, and I manage several tasks simultaneously. I lead the Customer Success Effort, coordinate with the Product Development Team, ensure the roadmap and product are developed for market fit, and ensure a successful client onboarding process.”

“The company culture in AeroGuest is innovative, fast-growing, daring, and ambitious. There are no secrets, we focus on transparency, and we solve problems through open communication and creative solutions that we reach as teams because of the flat hierarchy. I love working in Danish companies; the autonomy, the flat organizational structure, flexible working hours, and informal communication style. Danes, in general, have a practical mindset, they don’t let emotion get the best of them, which helps them when making business decisions. AeroGuest is a bunch of super talented millennials led by a CEO that dreams big and goes big. It is just a different ball game.”

Digital competitiveness and Danish paradoxes

“I have been in Denmark for 12 years now, and Denmark is turning into a tech powerhouse. The country is one of the top three European countries when it comes to digital competitiveness. Also, the government creates suitable conditions for Danish companies to build and utilise the newest technology.”

“The Danish welfare system is a big advantage to living here. The working culture and work-life balance too. So is the concept of “hygge” that helps with the bad weather. The quality of life is quite high and it feels very safe here, at the same time it is hard not to feel like a foreigner and feel accepted and make friends. I was surprised by these paradoxes. There are many rules in Denmark that people have to respect and follow and at the same time, people are so free in the way they can behave, in their communication, regarding education and general lifestyle.”

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