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Ana Guillermina Gomez, Argentina

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When Ana Guillermina Gomez moved to Copenhagen in 2019, it was based on a hunch that it was the place for her. The openness and trust of Danish society haven’t disappointed, as she has become more and more integrated into work and social life. Today, Guillermina is a Graphic Designer for 2021.AI who offers an enterprise AI platform for organizations across several industries.


Ana Guillermina Gomez

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Updated 26.04.2021
Ana Guillermina Gomez, Argentina

“I’m originally from Argentina, where my background has been working in creative agencies and the public sector. My professional career to date hasn’t been necessarily linear – I’ve taken a number of non-professional gigs to get where I am today. In 2015, I spent a year studying in Mexico City which really sparked my curiosity for living abroad. I was left with this feeling that I needed to explore more of the world, so in 2019 I decided that Copenhagen would be my next destination.”

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Choosing Denmark as a destination was more of a hunch than an elaborate plan

”Before making my decision, I did some research and just fell in love with Copenhagen. Seeing the bikes, the Lakes, and the way of life here… it just felt right. It was much more of a hunch than a meticulously planned move. Copenhagen is a beautiful city that really feels full of opportunities. The safety and the trust that you feel in Copenhagen are so unique – the fact that people leave their babies in their strollers outside is definitely not something you see in other places."

"Entering the Danish job market was probably the biggest challenge when I first moved. It takes some time to navigate and figure out the proper way of applying for jobs. My advice to newcomers would be to take the leap, believe in yourself, and be open to trying new things. There’s also something to be said for being patient and consistent. Integrating into social and work-life often takes longer than you might first expect.”

The tech field is very new to me, but I’m learning exciting things every day

“After applying for a number of different job openings, I landed a role as a Student Graphic Designer at 2021.AI. They were really interested in my previous work and profile, so after a couple of months, I was offered a full-time position as a Graphic Designer."

"As my early career was within the creative industries and public sector, the tech field is very new to me. But I’m learning cool things every day and growing to love the industry more and more. What’s most fascinating to me is how technology can add real value to people’s lives and businesses. It’s super exciting to be part of a tech scene that feels so prolific and innovative. You can feel that there are great initiatives happening all the time with a collective goal of evolving the ecosystem.”

Working in a Danish company is definitely gratifying, I feel my needs are heard and met

“My experience of working with Danes has been great. They’re very organised, structured, and straightforward when giving feedback. I think those are very important characteristics when it comes to the world of work. Working in a Danish company, I really feel that my needs are heard and met and that it’s overall a very gratifying experience. My plan is to keep growing towards the field of UX design and continuing making connections with like-minded people."

"At 2021.AI our company culture is the perfect mix of ambition and flexibility. You can tell that everyone loves what they do. After lockdown, we’re very much looking forward to restarting our social activities and Friday bars. When I’m not at work I try to explore the city as much as possible – whether it’s discovering new areas, meditating, or playing beach volleyball in the summertime. Copenhagen is really is the best place to be in the Danish summertime.”

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